Ysense Review- Is Ysense Still a Legit site in 2020?

Clixsesne review and definitive Guideive

Are you new to Ysense and wondering how the site is doing in 2019?

In this review, You will know all you ever need to know about Ysense.

Ysense is a GPT site that was started back in 2007.

Ever since that, Ysense has been one of the most trusted sites online to make money as it’s easier to get started.

But in 2019, a lot has changed in the way you make money on Ysense.

In this article, we will discuss,

  1. Different ways to earn money on Ysense with best practices.
  2. Pros and cons of the site. 

So let’s move into the Article.

What is  Ysense and how it works?

Basically, Ysense is a Get Paid To site. That means it gives you various simple tasks in return for money.

Ysense offers different tasks like online paid surveys, Micro jobs, and offer completion tasks like playing games, downloading apps and many other. (We will discuss each of them in detail )

Once you earned $20, you can receive your earnings through Payoneer or Skrill.

If you are living in the US or Canada, you can receive your earnings by check.

That’s it.

Next, we are going to discuss each of the earning opportunities and how you can take maximum advantage from them.

Ysense – Sign up and Set-up Your Account

Creating an account in Ysense is really a simple process.

Start the process by going to Ysense.

 Fill up the simple sign up form.

While signing up, as they have millions of members, choose a unique user name.

Clixsense Sign up process

Once you filled your form, click on the “join now” button.

Now Ysense will send you a verification mail.

Open the mail and click on the verification link to get your account activated.

Now you have your account activated.

Next, you need to fill in some basic information.

In order to do that, Sign into Ysense and hover over the profile avatar on your top right.

then click on the Profile and settings button. And fill all the basic information required.

Clixsense account set up and filling basic information.

After that, Go to the payment page to choose your preferred payment gateway.

 Right now, Ysense offers payments via Payza, Payoneer and Tango card.

If you are from the US or Canada, you need to give your exact address as it is mandatory to verify your postal address to receive your first payout.

Once you have your profile completed, We move into the earning part.

Like I mentioned earlier, This site offers four ways to make money.

1. Surveys

2. Offers

3. Figure Eight Tasks

4. Referring to people.

In the next part. we are going to discuss them one by one.

Paid Surveys

 Ysense has affiliation with some of the best survey panels in the world.

You can find a nice number of surveys on Ysense various companies.

Look at the image below, this is a statistic of one of my referrals. This person has just completed 269 surveys in the first 4 months of 2019. 

Clixsense statistic of surveys

But after signing up for Ysense, you may notice a ton of surveys on your Ysense account. Sadly, you may end up completing none of them.

If you see anything in the beginning, don’t get horrified by that. It’s normal and there is a simple way to avoid that in the future.

It happens because Ysense sends you all the available surveys instead of surveys that are actually relevant to you.

To give you the right types of survey, Ysense has survey profile for you. It’s just a list of question you have to answer.

Here is how you can fill that.

At your top right corner, there is a link to the survey profile, Click on that to fill your survey profile.

Link to Clixsense survey profile.

You also have to make sure that the details that you give on paid surveys and Survey profile are exactly the same.

At the bottom of the page survey page, you can see a lot of survey panels names with rewards mentioned on them. You can click on them whenever you want to figure out if there are any extra surveys available.

Daily survey routers - Check at a regular intervals

Whenever you participate in the surveys, at the very end, make sure you receive a notification like this.

It indicates that you have successfully completed the survey.

Successful survey completion

And within a few seconds that promised payout will be credited to your account Unless you completed a survey with a red flag like this one.

Delayed payments may take up to one month

In this case, it would take about 30 days to get your account credited.

Most of the Ysense surveys appear and disappear as quick as a flash, so whenever you receive surveys try to attempt and complete them as soon as possible and also try to complete them in one session.

Paid Offers

In the paid offer section, you have plenty of offer walls.

These offer walls allow you to complete paid offers like downloading apps, playing games, completing surveys, signup for trials and many other.

Ysense offer page has  10 different offer walls so you can find plenty of offers.

But there one important thing you need to be careful about and it can earn you some additional money.

That is finding the offer wall that offers high pay since most of the offer walls offer a different payout for the same task.

Clixsense different offer walls

Also, you need to be conscious of paid offers, Especially when signing up for trial offers.

quitting earlier or later from offers may cause more money than what you are going to make.

Tasks on offer pages totally depend on your country,

Ysense has a list of top-tier countries where they are getting many advertisers, If you are from any of those, you can expect a handful of offers.

If you are not from a top-tier country don’t worry though, you will also receive a fair number of tasks.

In addition to that, you have crowd flower tasks.

We discuss that in the next part.

Figure Eight (CrowdFlower) Tasks

To be honest with you, tasks are the best way to earn more on Ysense.

All the tasks on Ysense are actually from the Micro Job site Figure Eight. Figure eight offers different types of small jobs where you can earn anywhere from a few cents to dollars per task.

When you are new to Figure Eight, the site may seem quite confusing.

So here what you need to do with Figure Eight.

First of all, Go to Figure Eight and create yourself a new contributor account.

Once you have your account created, we need to link your Figure Eight account with your Ysense account.

To do that, Go to the tasks section of your Ysense account and see if there are any available tasks. If there are any, click on those tasks. 

If you do not have tasks on your account, on your top, you can see a link named “Potential tasks”.

Click on any of the tasks available there.

It will lead you to Figure Eight, now just sign into Figure Eight to link both your account.

In the beginning, you may not see a lot of tasks or even you will see no tasks for days.

The reason for that is Figure Eight tasks work based on the accuracy of your work.

Since you are going to be new to Figure Eight, they don’t know how good you are at tasking.

So they send you the 0 level tasks, To gain the number of tasks, You need to complete tasks with higher accuracy. 

And this is how a Zero level task looks like,

Crowdflower basic 0th level task

Once you completed enough Zero level tasks, you will receive level batches.

If you are wondering what a level batch is, It is simply the ranking system.

There are three level batches in total with the third being the top level.

Achieving level batch is a task of patience.

It may take a few days to a week. So your patience will be much appreciated.

Once you achieved enough number level batches, Your account will have plenty of tasks available.

Crowd Flower Dashboard

Almost all the GPT sites offer Figure Eight tasks, But still, Ysense stays as the favorite one because of these two things.

First, you will receive a daily bonus of 16% plus every 50 dollars you make you will receive a bonus of 5 dollars.

Clixsense Account Details

Second, They also compensate top ten taskers with a bonus of up to $50.

From Figure Eight, you can expect different types of tasks from different categories. Most of them are related to data entry and internet research.

You may also receive some surveys.


In the very beginning, you need to be conscious and focusing on achieving level batches instead of rushing to earn, When it comes to Figure Eight accuracy is the key factor.

Affiliate Program

At Ysense, they allow you to refer new people to Ysense.

Once you referred someone, you will receive a lifetime commission whenever your referral earns money.

And you can also refer unlimited numbers of referrals to Ysense.

Below are the bonuses you are going receive by referring people.

  1. When your referral is active for first one week, you receive a bonus of 10 -30 cents per referral.
  2. When the person you referred earns first five dollars, you instantly receive a $2 bonus. 
  3. you receive a commission of up to 25% for lifetime. for example, if your referral earns $1 a day, you receive 25 cents as commission.

In fact, if you see people on the internet claiming earnings in thousands of dollars, all those earnings come from this way.

If you want to refer friends, you can part like this on your “My Account” page. 

Earn from Clixsense affiliate program

Grab your affiliate link and share it with your friends.

To earn more from affiliate marketing, Refer people are interested in working online.

You can find a lot of people on social media, Q and A sites, Forums and Youtube comments. 

Or you may consider creating a blog or Youtube channel.

Ysense research

This one is Ysense’s own research panel which comes along with a Ysense account.

Clixresearch is taking members only from the US, Canada, and Uk.

Since it works as a separate site, the payment is also a separate one. You need to make $10 to receive a Cashout or Gift card.

You can also participate in their sweepstakes to win prizes.

Clixaddon and Daily checklist bonus

Clixaddon is a browser extension that gives you a notification about jobs available.

With the help of this, you can find the jobs available without visiting the site.

Clixaddon extension for Clixsense


The 16% daily bonus

Earlier in this article, I mentioned that you will receive a 16% bonus.

To receive that you have to do the following things.

  1. Complete either 2 surveys or 10 Figure Eight tasks.
  2. Add Clixaddon extension to your browser.
  3. Visit the forum at least once a day.

Right now, Ysense allows you to work from mobile but there are no mobile apps available.

So how much money you can make?

Technically, earning potential on Ysense is unlimited. But I at least want to give you a basic idea.

The surveys and offers totally depend on the country you are working from.  Ysense also has a list of top tier countries. You can find them here. 

From tasks, On average, you earn 4 cents per task. Tasks are not going to limit your potential based on what country you are from.

For example, Let’s see how much a top tasker can make.

In this one, the tasker completed about 7596 tasks in a month so he must have made 300 dollars plus 50 dollars at least a week for staying on the top and 80 dollars in daily bonus.

So we can expect a top worker to make $450 without referrals.

Clixsense top worker bonus

Need help? What should you do?

Let’s imagine this situation, You complete a survey or task and see no update in your account balance.

And it is obvious that it happened because of a technical problem.

If you come across any situation like this, you must contact their support team.

Contact Clixsense Support team

Just submit a ticket and they will get back to you within a few hours with a solution.

You may also visit their forum to discuss specific topics.

 So far, we have discussed everything about Ysense. Now let’s talk about Pros and Cons.

Pros and Cons of working on Ysense

Here are some of the advantages of joining Ysense.

  • It’s free and easy to get started. The best site for beginners.
  • You need no experience with online money making.
  • You can work on the mobile.
  • More surveys compared to other sites.
  • On-time payment.

Ysense also has a few disadvantages. Here are a few of them.

  • When getting started, lesser opportunities for beginners. Reason being that, most people leave the site immediately.
  • Paypal is not available as a payment gateway.
  • Lesser opportunities, if you are not in their top tier countries.


For years, Ysense has been one of my favourite sites. And this is the site I recommend to anyone new to online money making.

If you are getting started, it will be a nice place to start.

In addition to Ysense, there are a few other GPT sites, you can use along with Ysense.

So far these are all the opportunities in Ysense to earn money, hope you would take advantage of this site and earn some money.

If you still need any help, leave them in the comments.


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