5 Best PTC sites in 2020 – Earn Money by Clicks

Best PTC Sites: PTC stands for Paid to Click, the websites that give their users some dollars by clicking ads that are provided in user panel of these websites.

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Here I am going to provide you a list of legit PTC sites of 2020. Delightbux is one of legit ptc sites that pay high

1- DelightBux:

DelightbuX is providing $5 as a signup bonus but that can only be used for upgrade memberships. They pay even 0.01$. They have no minimum payout restrictions so you can get money just after your first click. Normally delightbux provides 5-10 ads for a starter plan and 50-100 ads for the diamond plan. Im’ working with a delightbux since 2018 and they paid me almost 50 times. I’m’ elite member in that site. Currently, I’m’ making $10 per day using delightbux.

2- Neobux:

Neobux is at second in my list. The reason is that they pay too much low. S

ome times it can take 1 year to get the first payout. The main method of earning from neobux is by rental referrals.

3- Ysense.Com:

Ysense is third in my list, the reason is that they are very silly in paying but they pay. They have a lot of earning methods. You can easily make up to $1 daily.

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